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Most New Englanders have a Sunapee story. Here are a few of the stories we’ve heard around town.

If you have a Sunapee story (and we use the term loosely to encompass the Sunapee/Kearsarge area), please fill out this form and we’ll sign you up for a free year’s subscription to Kearsarge Magazine.

“My love affair with Sunapee Harbor began in 1987 after a vacation with my family in Vermont. As we were returning home to Massachusetts, we stopped at the Sunapee State Park and the attendant gave us some brochures as she greeted us with a smile. The Indian Cave Landing in Sunapee Harbor caught my eye with its attractive condos. We followed our map and found the harbor. As we drove down Lake Avenue toward the condos we passed many walkers who all waved and smiled! My husband and I looked at each other and said, “Do we know them?!” Needless to say, we fell in love with the lake and the people and, before we knew it, we were proud owners of a beautiful condo. After all these years, it still brings me great joy to see the dinner boat sailing out for the evening, a water skier gliding by, or a fisherman in the early morning hours...and everyone still smiling and waving! ”
— Kathy Dalrymple

“We stumbled upon the Lake Sunapee area by chance. We had attended a wedding a couple of years earlier in New London, but who knew that later on we’d live in that very town. We fell in love with the classic college New England town where everyone waves at you whether they know you or not, and will wait for you at a shop entrance just so they can open the door for you, so as not to be rude. As if that were not enough to make us want to live here, the breathtaking mountain views, bountiful lakes, clean beaches, continuous community events for all ages ­ the list goes on ­ was the clincher. Before I knew it, our home in the suburban little development was sold and we were moving to live in this amazingly beautiful and friendly community. My husband and I are living our dream of raising two beautiful and healthy girls in this family oriented community.”
— Kathy Snaith
New London

“I came to New London from Massachusetts to chaperone a Camp Fire Girl weekend at the house of one of our former Camp Fire Girls who had recently moved here. I was so impacted by the beauty of the mountains and lakes in this area that I went home and told my husband that I wanted to move. I wanted to see this surrounding beauty on a daily basis. Within three years that dream came true. We have never looked back. It has been a wonderful and friendly place to raise our four children.”
— Karen Hoglund
New London

“I first came to Sunapee Harbor in August 1995. I was running Gordon’s Apple Pies in Londonderry and was asked by the NH Travel & Tourism director to come up to Sunapee Harbor for a television interview. I drove up I-89 for the interview and fell in love with the harbor. I saw something special that August day and said to myself, ‘I’m going to live here and run a business here someday.’ Four years later, we bought our home in the harbor. In August 2006, my family moved here full time to live, work, go to school and enjoy our favorite place in the universe...Sunapee Harbor.”
— Gordon Weinberger

“My first vacation, with my parents and sister, was in 1949 when we came to Lake Sunapee from New York. We stayed at the distinctive Granliden Hotel (now the site of the Granliden Condos). My husband, born and bred in Massachusetts, spent summers, from 1948-1956, in Enfield attending Camp Pius at LaSalette, in buildings constructed by the Shakers. He also skiied at Mount Sunapee. In 1986, we bought a second home at Fisher's Bay and were thrilled that the area which had meant so much to us in our youth would now become special to our children and eventually, grandchildren. Four years ago we were lucky enough to move here permanently from Massachusetts and now reside in Newbury in our dream house designed by my husband. Now even when we're working, we feel as though we are on vacation all the time.”
— Sue Janericco

“In 1960 my parents of Mamaroneck, N.Y., bought a “summer camp” on Garnet Street near the harbor. The house had been previously owned by Herbert Welsh of Philadelphia. (Every summer he would walk from Philadelphia to Sunapee, usually taking him 2 weeks, eventually meeting his family there.) Our house is 130 years old and still very unique. The younger generation has decided to carry on this wonderful house because we love Sunapee and the location and can have great family gatherings there with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. ”
— Bette Gagnon
Mamaroneck, N.Y.

“It was 1961, and my family lived in Wayne, Penn., just west of Philadelphia. My father was retiring, so he and my mother went to New Hampshire to look for a summer “camp.” They first went to Winnipesaukee. My mother took one look and said, “This lake is too d--- big!” My father asked what lake was the right size. She opened a map of New Hampshire and pointed to Sunapee, saying, “There. That’s the right size.” So they came to Sunapee and rented one of Mrs. Ross’s cabins in Sunapee Harbor and stayed for a while to get to know the area. They found a house and bought it.”
— Deb Benjamin

“I grew up near the Lake Sunapee region, and fondly remember going to the Woodbine for its great sticky buns. We would also go to the state beach and stop at the Frostop for ice cream. After I got married, Connie and I moved to Newbury in 1992. The people are friendly, the environment is truly outstanding and, after all, we are a true four-season area. We’re lucky to be here!”
— Dennis J. Pavlicek

“I remember driving to Sunapee State Park with my family. We’d leave Claremont, taking Route 11 through Newport, to spend the day at the lake. It seemed like a terribly long drive for a pre-teen sitting in the sticky backseat of the car, but a day on the beach with a picnic lunch was great fun. On the way home, we might stop for a root beer float at the A&W drive in (now the Fabulous 50s Car Hop Drive-In). You can’t beat a day at the lake (with ice cream) as a great childhood memory.”
— Laura Jean Whitcomb

“My parents met while skiing at Mount Sunapee. My great-grandfather, Dr. Charles Lamson, was one of the founders of the New London Hospital. My grandparents and parents owned and operated New London Agency — a locally owned company for 101 years and family owned for 50 years. I’ve traveled all over the world, but have never seen an area as precious as the Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee region. We have 25 lakes and ponds, several significant ski mountains, miles of hiking and biking trails, first-class restaurants and golf courses, and a short commute to Boston or Montreal. I think our location and collective conscious allow for a country lifestyle with city amenities.”
— Pam Perkins
New London

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