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Some call it the undiscovered gem of New Hampshire. We call it home. Welcome to the Lake Sunapee/Kearsarge area, a group of 15 towns nestled between lakes, mountains, green fields and, yes, some wonderful places to shop and eat. We invite you to take a virtual trip through the Web site, and use the information to plan a vacation to the area. There’s so much to enjoy, we guarantee that this place on the map will become a place in your heart.

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A quiet spot in New London
Did you know that there is a labyrinth in New London, NH?

Eastman Lake
And when you leave the traffic and steaming asphalt of the larger towns to see the views of the rolling hills and lake, it feels like you’ve escaped, ....

Hanging out in Newbury
Why, oh, why, didn't I bring a book? Then I would have stayed all day (well, I would have stayed for the two hours the parking lot allows me) at the public dock in Newbury, N.H. more...

It is easy being green
Ah, gardens. A place to sit, relax and commune with nature. Here are a few photos from a garden tour in Newport. more...




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